TOP Secrets of Neha Sargam a.k.a Ishita of Imagine TV’s Haar Jeet

Neha Sargam a.k.a Ishita of Imagine TV’s Haar Jeet takes a Tellybuzz’s Quick Grill this week…

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What was the costliest thing that you bought till date and you regret?
I don't regret anything and as far as cost is concerned I don't think I have bought any costliest thing and if I ever buy, I won't regret for sure.

What is something you did as a teen that your parents never learned about?
You know something, I am very boring kind of a person, my parents knows each single thing which I have done.

A recent dream that you remember...
Ah! That is something interesting, recently on the sets in my green room, I dreamt that I was driving a yellow scooter on a staircase and my A.D came and woke up me from my sleep.

The most shocking rumour you've heard about yourself?
I don't even remember what exactly the rumor was but I heard somewhere was written about me on Valentine's Day which was never true.

What is your least favourite time of the year?
I don't like the time during my exams.

If your partner could make more money, would you stay home with the kids?
Of course!

Who do you think is the worst actor in Bollywood?
I think few over rated actors of Bollywood are worst actors in fact.

Your worst travel experience?
I didn't had any, as mostly I used to travel with my family and that never turned worst in any way.

If you could go on a road trip with any person (dead or alive) who would that be and where would you go?
Obviously as I said my family would be the one with whom I would like to go on a road trip

If you are jailed, who would be the first person you call for bail?
My dad… I would say (main jail mein hun, please mujhe chudhao...)

Name two things you consider yourself to be very bad at?
I am not good at anything. I always try to improve in everything which I do.

The nicest thing that anyone has done for you…
There are many people who had done nice to me but we get touched when someone does something unexpectedly like recently our spot dada gave me a cup of tea without even asking one for that was a great gesture for me.

What do you have in your bag right now?
A Stole, Deo spray, Make up bag, lunch box, Chewing gum, sanitizer and Medicines that's it.

What will you be like when you are 75?
I would be old enough to play with my grand children.

Star Cast, Latest News, Updates Story, Buzz, Photos, Videos - Imagine's Haar Jeet

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