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Rashmi and Nandish

Click on the pic to view slideshow had earlier reporter that Nandish Sandhu and Rashmi Desai were all set to have a traditional wedding, after their court marriage last year. And now we bring to you some more news from their land. The couple literally tied the knot on 12 February 2012, but sadly they won’t be having a honeymoon.

The couple has comeback to Mumbai. "The wedding went really well and we all enjoyed it. Actually since the wedding was from our side and we were doing it in Dholpur my family was really worried about all it. Luckily, everything went according to the plan," she shared with Apart from that, Rashmi is also happy now that she has finally moved in with Nandish.

In fact, Rashmi tells that the feeling of getting married didn’t sink in till the time Nandish put the mangalsutra and sindoor, "The fact that I was getting married was just not sinking in but as soon as Nandish tied the mangalsutra in my neck, I knew I was married. In fact, that very minute I had tears in my eyes as I knew now I was going to leave my family," said Rashmi.

And though the things turned out well the couple had to rush back to Mumbai as they had to get back to work. So does that mean no honeymoon for them? "We will leave only when we have a proper plan in place. And this is something that Nandish will plan," Rashmi ends. hopes that you get time to go on a honeymoon.

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