Kunal Kapoor turns peacemaker for friends

Kunal Kapoor

Full Details: UTV stars Superstar Santa

UTV Stars' Superstar Santa will see another Bollywood celebrity donning the hat of problem solver. The handsome and suave Kunal Kapoor, who has films like Meenaxi, Rang De Basanti and Don 2 to boast being a part of, will showcase his peacemaking skills.

This particular episode will have the actor lending a thoughtful ear to Karan. Incidentally, Karan, Chirag and Mairaj were great friends. The trio met at a college Hostel in Pune and got along really well. While Karan belonged to an affluent family, the other two came from a middle class background.

So when Karan moved into a lavish apartment from his college hostel, he forced his two friends to tag along but they agreed after lots of persuasion from Karan's side. They feared that they wouldn’t be able to keep up with his wastrel and frivolous ways. Sadly, their fears came true when Karan started treating them 4-5 times a week in high-end restaurants, but sometimes Chirag and Mairaj also contributed to the payment.

And thanks to these carefree ways of Karan, his parents threatened to cancel all his credit cards owing to the outrageous bills. Karan was a little aloof after this incident and refused to share his woes with the other two. His friends thought that an outing would cheer him up.

However, when they suggested the same to Karan, he got into a fit of rage and said nasty things to them. This lead to a heated argument among the three of them and they haven't spoken to each other ever since. Karan has realized his mistake in the situation and wants to ask for forgiveness.

This episode will be aired on 26 February 2012 on UTV Stars.

Full Details: UTV stars Superstar Santa

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