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Captain Shack

Full Details : MTV Captain's Shack

MTV's latest offering, Captain Shack, looks pretty exciting. Now, its second episode will see personalities being developed, cliques being formed as contestants come together and deliver the required challenge. What would seem like an easy task to execute will see the contenders facing hurdles and difficulties to achieve the goal.

What task are we talking about? Well, this week's task will include making a 'Captain's Fashion Line'. A straightforward task will turn into a melting pot of high strung emotions, varied opinions, anxieties, goof-ups and sparkling talent. The contenders will be pushed out of their comfort zone to put their best foot forward and win the contest.

So to enjoy the fun and know a little bit more about the contestants, tune in to watch Captain Shack on MTV at 7pm on 24 February 2012. Enjoy!!!

Full Details : MTV Captain's Shack

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