Being in a relationship hasn’t changed me, says Ratan


Ratan Rajput made her presence felt in Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, but she shot up on the popularity chart in Imagine’s, Swayamvar. In the show, she got engaged with one of her suitors, Delhi-based boy Abhinav Shukla. Though engaged, they are yet to tie the knot and the media keeps asking about the day when the two souls will finally take the holy nuptial vows.

"I am saturated answering about Abhinav. I know that people want to know about him but I’d like to keep it personal for a while," she said.

But the charming lady shared that being in a relationship hasn't changed her as a person, "I was always free as a bird and I feel the same free spirit in me. Nothing has changed. And when it comes to my parents, until and unless I get married and go to another home, I will be the same for them."

And currently, she is busy doing the interiors of her new home. "I’ve just bought a new house and I have been doing a lot of planting and cleaning in the house as it gives me a lot of joy," she ended

Well Ratan, we hope you get back to TV soon and once again entertain your fans!!!

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