Shweta and I are still the best of friends Raja Chaudhary

Raja Chaudhary. The very mention of this name evokes anger even amongst those who don’t know him. For the commoners, he’s a wife beater, an alcoholic, and someone who even spent hours in police custody. These were the images that were aired on a news channel years ago. After eight years, his wife actor Shweta Tiwari filed for divorce.

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Just when it seemed he had reached a nadir, Raja Chaudhary got a new lease of life when he was chosen to be a participant on Bigg Boss 2. He made it to the finals and soon no longer was anyone talking about the Raja Chaudhary of the past. However, two days after Bigg Boss got over, Raja was filmed in a familiar state - drunk and abusing. The knives were out again and Raja was termed as hopeless case.

While in Bigg Boss, Raja Chaudhary didn’t turn into a saint but yet there was something enchanting about this man. Love him or hate him, but one certainly can’t ignore Raja Chaudhary.

In an exclusive interview to, this enigmatic man speaks on the latest controversy, his Bigg Boss experience, his relation with daughter Palak and estranged wife Shweta Tiwari and lots more. Read on.

You say that you were in Bigg Boss to improve your image. Have you succeeded?

Yes, I have managed to change my image. People look upon me with respect now. No long do they think that I’m a wife beater. The ladies too treat me with respect and children call me bhaiiya (brother).

But two days after Bigg Boss got over an inebriated Raja was seen shouting in front of the media. Do you fear that all the goodwill that was earned through Bigg Boss is now lost?

What happened there was a bit of a misunderstanding. In Bigg Boss, most cameras were placed 6 feet away from us so couldn’t the TV reporters keep distance of even three feet? All these scribes gathered around me so it was natural that you’d ask them to step behind. My psychiatrist too has termed the situation as normal.

You had earlier stated it was the media who projected a false image of you. But is the media to be blamed for what happened at Nirupam’s party?

I swear by my daughter that I didn’t drink at his party. My friend Sahil Singh, who is the runner-up of Mr.Gladrags, was present there too and he’ll tell you the truth. My problem is mainly with the electronic media who have a tendency to project me in bad light.

But weren’t you drunk?

Are you mad? Main kya apni beti ki jhooti kasam khaoonga? It’s not my voice that’s heard on the news channel. It’s doctored and they’ve done it to malign me.

You were nominated in the very first week but you survived. You were there in the final episode. Did you feel you could survive and win the contest?

I wasn’t happy with the way the channel announced my entry into the Bigg Boss house. Right at the beginning, they introduced Raja Chaudhary as one who’s had a troubled past, one who was a wife beater. That was the impression that most people had of me and so being nominated in the first week was expected.

I was shocked when Sanjay Nirupam was evicted. However, thereafter people saw the real Raja, They liked what they had seen and so they voted for me in large numbers. Thus, I was confident I could pull it off but it wasn’t to be and I have no regrets.

Was it right for you guys to support Ashutosh just because he’s financial condition is weak?

It wasn’t his financial condition but I generally liked this boy from the beginning. He always made nice coffee for me. That apart, he’s honest and never indulged in any politics.

Throughout the 98 days, we saw different shades of Raja. In the first week he was all quiet. Then we saw him abusing Sambhavna. While in the secret room, we saw a calm and emotional Raja. Then he returned only to plot strategies. What is the real Raja like?

Every human being exhibits different emotions. You can’t project the same emotion for 98 days. By doing so it’s inevitable that you’re merely acting. There were different facets to me and that’s what people admired.

Diana has hit out against Rahul and you for playing dirty games. What’s your response?

Well, I’d like to ask her didn’t she play any? Strangely, she found a perfect ally in a dhabawala. She empathised with Ashutosh. Time and again, she’d kept saying that Ashu’s poor, he earns just Rs.200 day, his father is dead. To me her behaviour spoke of negativity. You don’t expect this from a former Miss World.

But you accept that you play dirty games.

Yes, I did play dirty politics. Par ye saara khel hi to rajneeti ka hai (This whole game is all about playing politics). I’ve forged my sarkar with Rahul to ensure my safety. When Ahbhishek Bachchan came to the house, he took me in a corner and explained me the Guru mantra, ‘jab log tumhari burai karne lage toh samjho tarraki kar rahe ho’. I followed that mantra and reached the finals.

What’s your problem with Sambhavna?

Nothing. We were just enjoying ourselves. We’re friends but that doesn’t mean we’ll tolerate each other’s whims. I’ve fought but also danced with her.

Enjoying? Does it mean whatever happened was fake and scripted?

Anyone, who says that this show is scripted, is the biggest fool.

Time and again, you said that you wanted your daughter to be there at the finals. But she didn’t come. Are you optimistic of being united with your daughter again?

She couldn’t be at the finale because she was busy preparing for her exams. However, I met her later where I celebrated her birthday again and gifted her a bicycle.

And what about Shweta?

Shweta and I are still the best of friends. Though marriage is a different thing. We can continue to remain as friends.

Why do you think your marriage failed? Is your drinking responsible for it?

I firmly believe that whatever happens, happens for the best. There’s no point in living in the past. One should always look ahead in life.

What lies ahead for Raja?

Well, I’m back to doing my TV show Chandramukhi. Besides, I’ve bagged a film Kuch Khel Kuch Masti. This will occupy most of my time.

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