Seema and Avinash patch up


A few weeks ago we spoke to Avinash Wadhawa and Seema Kapoor about their rocky off-screen relationship. Seema and Avinash play husband and wife on the television serial Bidaai but off-camera they had stopped talking to each other completely.

The latest from the sets is that the co-stars have finally put their differences behind them. Avinash says, “When news got about the last time, everyone from the media called us. We laughed it off because it was blown way out of proportion. Sometimes, your colleague is not in a good mood and when you approach him or her, that person does not respond normally. You may think that your colleague is being rude to you but it is just a matter of perception. Maybe it was just a rare instance that the person was aloof.”

Even so, Avinash is glad that the minor misunderstanding is behind him. “We have now started talking normally to each other and are on friendly terms. It’s not that we stopped talking but we were just not in the mood to do so. We hugged each other and patched things up. At present, we often chat as well!”

Seema plays the role of Vasundhara Rajvansh while Avinash plays the role of Vashu Rajvansh, who are the in-laws of Sadhana (Sara Khan), in Bidaai. It was said that their fight was due to ego hassles. It was at director Rajan Shahi’s birthday bash on December 2 that the both of them decided to resolve their issues.


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