Kartik quits Zee’s Rakhi Kartik Sabharwal

After a year of playing Prince the lead in Zee’s Rakhi Kartik Sabharwal has quit the show. The actor had informed the production house about his decision a month ago and he shot his last scene six days ago.

The actor informs, “Yes, I have quit the show as I didn’t want to play the role of a father. According to the track I am supposed to play father to a six year old. I don’t intend to play a father for another 50 years. Hence it is better to leave before the new track shapes up rather than to exit mid-way and leave the show in the lurch.”

“I had informed the production house about my decision during the time they were conducting the story sessions. It was then that I realised that I was to play the role of a father. I had to shoot one last scene which I shot some 5 days back,” adds the actor.

But the channel says that they have replaced the actor. “I would not like to comment on this. My association with Zee has been for two and a half years now. I have been working diligently on all my shows. Infact, my contract was renewed in August, 2008 but it was only in November that I decided to opt out of the show,” states the actor.

Kartik currently is enjoying his time off. Nursing his fractured right hand Kartik says, “I intend to enjoy my time off for atleast a month and will resume work by January. I have been working rigorously all this while and I truly deserve this break. I would also like to experiment with my looks.”

According to our sources Rahul Lohani, who essayed the character of Bhola in Zee’s Jabb Love Hua has replaced Kartik.

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