It's Armaan V/s Abhimanyu now!!

Scores are to be settled between Dr. Armaan and Dr. Abhimanyu on the basketball field this Thursday.. Get ready for a sensational match....

Sanjivani is in huge crisis, owing to the economic down turn, and all has got really shaky with the entry of Dr. Abhimanyu Modi, played by Amit Tandon in Star One's Dill Mill Gayye!!

The interns who are in shock after Dr. Kirti’s exit face the brunt yet again, as Abhimanyu decides to send the non paying patients out of the hospital. While all the interns hate the very presence of Dr. Abhi in Sanjivani, the shrewd administrator plays yet another trump card, by challenging Armaan for a basketball match. This is a do-or-die match for the interns as if they lose they will have no right to intervene in the decisions taken by Abhimanyu regarding the patients.

But, little do the interns know that Abhi is a tough nut to crack!! Adrenaline rushing with amazing twists and turns laced with elements of thrill and excitement, Armaan and his team gears to get even with Dr. Abhimanyu and give him neck-to-neck competition on the basket ball court.

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We talked to the tough administrator cum doctor, Abhimanyu Modi aka Amit Tandon to know more about the game. “I am having a blast shooting for the basketball match. Basically I love to play the game, and I was a national level player too”, quips Amit.

When asked whether Dr. Armaan will get the better of him in the match, he quickly defends himself and states “It is very difficult to beat me. If you want to know the result then you have to wait and watch the match”.

Will Abhimanyu have his way out and defeat Armaan and his team?? Or will Armaan make him change his decision?? Catch the thrill when all the doctors of Sanjivani get together and battle it out against Abhimanyu on the basket ball court.

With the competition spirit running high, who will prove their mettle, Armaan or Abhimanyu!! Catch the sensational match this Thursday..

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