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Zee's Banoo Main Teri Dulhann will see a big emotional twist... Get the details right here on

Amar and Divya’s eternal love story in Zee’s Banoo Main Teri Dulhann faces yet another hurdle in the upcoming episodes. It has always been seen that their love has been tested by time, and the story track will now see a major emotional twist post reincarnation!

Gauri, played by Aneesha Kapoor is not aware of the untimely death of her husband Shivam. And her family members have kept the truth away from her, as she is suffering from a heart ailment. In this situation, it so happens that Gauri goes to perform the Maha Shivrathri puja into the jungle, but does not get back home even after a long time. This is when Amar (Sharad Malhotra) goes in search of her. Amar and Gauri are getting back, when there is a huge downpour of rain, and they are forced to take shelter for the night in the jungle”, explains our source.

“When they get back the next day, the villagers are angry over the fact that Gauri spent the night with a stranger. Forced by circumstances, Amar in order to protect Gauri, puts Sindoor on her maang and accepts her as his wife”, adds our source on the twist.

This whole act leaves Amar in total dilemma, as he does not know how to put this fact to his wife Divya(Divyanka Tripathi).

So will this mean Divya will eventually be out of Amar’s life? To this, our source stressed the point saying, “This is an emotional twist coming in the way of Amar and Divya. This track certainly does not mean that Divyanka’s character will be ending”.

Will Divya understand the situation and accept Amar’s decision? How will Amar manage to live a life torn between two wives?

Get your answers by watching Dulhann…


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