Top 14 contestants of Gala Finalists of "Indian Idol 4"

Annu Malek in a candid conversation as he talks about the 14 top contestants who aim to make it big in the Galas of Indian Idol...

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Anu Malek has handpicked 14 contestants to vie for the title of Indian Idol 4. He was of course aided by the jury of Javed Akhtar, Sonali Bendre and Kailash Kher in making sure the 14 chosen ones were the best of the lot. On Monday night, they were unveiled before the media by Malek.

And here's what Malek thinks about the finalists.

Bhanu Pratap: He couldn't make it the first three seasons, but he persevered and that's what makes him stand apart. He epitomizes patience and is confident about himself and that's why he's here.

Ananya Mishra: She's a Kathak dancer. When she came in for the auditions, she first danced. We told her to do what she had come for and when she sang she floored us. She's a bundle of talent.

Priyanka Negi: She had auditioned last year too, but couldn't make the cut. This year she persisted and won our hearts. A melodious voice and a pleasing personality to boo!!

Kapil Thapa: This army jawan, when he sings romantic songs, you don't want to stop him, bas sunte hi rehne ko jee chahta hai.

Mohit Lalwani: He has looks, a certain X-factor and a voice to go with it. Certainly deserves to be in the finals.

Sourobhee Debbarama: She's spunky, immensely talented and has that X-factor. Her Hindi is almost flawless and she could be the next Indian Idol.

Bhavya Pandit: She shares her birthday with me so naturally I have a soft spot for her. She has made the cut because of the wild card entry. With her voice, we just couldn't have lost her before the galas.

Tulika Ganguly: She's nicknamed Talli and when she sang Main Talli ho gayi, I told myself, 'Can she better the singing of my daughter Anmol who's sung the song' and she sung very well. Sprightly, confident and talented enough to make it in the finals!!

Prasanjit Kosambi: Pure talent. No one can touch him there. Hardworking, another wild card entrant. We hope he stays long in the race, he deserves to.

Shini Kalvint: She's married and she thinks that could go against her in the voting pattern, but where talent is concerned, she's as good as the rest. Now, only if the audience gives her a fair chance.

Rajdeep Chaterjee: A killer smile and a voice to kill for. A strong contender for the title.

Remo Ghosh: Has a long way to go, but this chhota Don can turn the tables at the galas.

Torsha Sarkar: An absolute judges' favorite, she could be our next Idol. A great voice, sincere and a pleasing personality.

Kuldeep Singh Chauhan: The oldest of the lot, but very spirited and passionate about his talent.

Do you go hand in hand with Annu's thoughts? Over to you, folks!!

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