Mouni Roy on her passions and stress busters....


What is your Stress Buster?
I love to read books. I enjoy dancing and listening to music. Basically, I like to hear songs soothing to the ear, as that reduces stress.

What according to you can be the biggest stress buster?
Stress busters vary from one individual to another. It depends on what a person likes to do when he is stressed out mentally and physically. For me, it is reading, dancing and music though.

Do you think better eating habits reduces stress?
Yes, I think cultivating healthy food habits can keep a person better in mind too.

What do you do in your leisure time?
I shop whenever I am free. I read books and watch movies.

What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about dancing and singing.

What are your priorities in life?
My Family and friends.

You have been part of reality shows before. How do you cope up with that stress?
I don't have any stress while doing any of my reality shows, because as I said, I love to sing and dance. So I never feel fatigued doing what I like.

Which person in your life is your biggest morale booster?
No one! I don't consider anyone as my punching bag. (grins)

What is your idea of relaxation?
Sleeping is the best way for relaxation for me...

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