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Rahul Mahajan's ex-wife Shweta Singh no longer wants to remain silent about her life. She chats with Richa Aniroodh on her talk show 'Zindagi LIVE'.

The award-winning talk show Zindagi LIVE on IBN 7, hosted by Richa Aniroodh brings forth personal struggles of ordinary people who have battled adversities and chosen life over defeat. On October 19, Rahul Mahajan’s ex-wife Shweta Singh will appear on this show to set right her long bout of silence with the media.

Excerpts from the interview:

Shweta, it’s sad but no matter how educated one is, the word ‘divorce’ is still a taboo in a society like ours...

Every girl wants to get married to the man of her choice and live with his family. I wanted the same. I wanted to age with my husband but this did not happen and my dreams were shattered. There were certain things, certain differences between us that we tried to sort out but it could not happen. It is after that that I decided to part ways. I thought it was better if we went our own separate ways for even if I had given my entire life trying to solve our differences, it wouldn’t have worked.

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You knew Rahul for a good few years...How were the days when you were just friends?

I have known Rahul for over 10 years now. But there was a lot of change in Rahul then and Rahul now. When I got married to him I realised that he had changed from what he was 10 years ago. The way time changes everybody, it had changed him as well. He was different.

How did you come to the decision of marriage?

There was a ten years gap in communication between Rahul and me. After 10 years I met him when Promod Ji was hospitalised. After that he fell prey to a lot of controversy and his case was also on. At that time he was in Delhi and I saw that no one stood by him and he was very lonely. So I decided to stand by him as a good friend. And time and again even he made me believe that if I were with him, he would be able to get a hold on himself and his life... and his career. He was thinking of starting his political career at the time and wanted to concentrate and move ahead in that.

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As Rahul says, the reason for this divorce was the difference in your and his upbringing. Do you agree with his statement?

My upbringing has been in a very disciplined environment. My parents and my school have given me all the values that are necessary to become a good human being. And I think that to be honest and loyal can never be signs of a bad upbringing. And upbringing as a reason for divorce between Rahul and me does not stand, as we both knew of each other’s upbringing and background fairly well for a very long time. I think I’m very proud of my upbringing.

Media and people in general, asked you a lot of questions but you kept quiet in a very dignified manner. ou came and went quietly in whatever pictures and visuals we saw of you. Why the silence?

I did not want our personal life to become so public. And this did not just involve Rahul and me. There were two families involved and I did not want either of the families to be hurt. So I decided to get out of the relationship as gracefully and in as dignified a manner as possible. But recently I felt that my silence was being misunderstood and it is going against me so I thought I’ll come and have a chat with you.

In ‘Zindagi Live’ we always talk about forgetting the pain, moving on in life and making a fresh start. Are you ready to let go of the past and move ahead?

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Yes I will just close down this chapter of my life. Flying has always been my passion and I’m trying to concentrate on it and trying to clear exams to progress further in it. Alongside that I and a few friends are trying to create a road map for social networking because when I was in this difficult time, I got a lot of support from my family and friends. But there are so many people who find themselves all alone in situations like these. We are making a team to help such people and also working towards helping people in their old age, which happens to be a big problem in our country these days.

Catch more of Shweta this Sunday on IBN 7 at 8 pm. Zindagi LIVE is aired on IBN7 on Sundays at 8 pm and on Wednesdays at 12 pm.

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